Hipmunk launches new app

Hipmunk, the flight search website that claims to take the agony out of buying flights online, has brought its unique technology to the iPhone.

The company adapted its easy-to-read grid schedule of flights and adapted it for an iPhone app. This gives customers all the same features as the parent site, including the ability to check details and buy.

New features on the app include the ability to email flight links. Users can also request a code from the app that allows them to return to their basket on their computer rather than finalizing a booking via their phone.

The app, which was released on Tuesday (February 22), is just he latest advance for Hipmunk that has ambitious expansion plans.

In a previous interview with Travolution, company founder and chief executive, Adam Goldstein expressed interested in moving into other areas of travel including rail.

“There is so much opportunity for including Amtrak (rail) results, like we are starting to do, so that people can compare train verses plane, or including transportation time to the airport.

“Right now the system we have set up focuses entirely on the air, to the detriment of everything else and we think that is a good starting point but it is not where we would like to end up.” Goldstein said.

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