Google steps in to help find New Zealand quake victims

Google has set up a crisis response page for anyone looking for information on the earthquake in Christchurch. 

The page provides services including maps, news updates, Twitter feeds and importantly tools for locating individuals affected by the quake.

The site also has both local and international emergency contact numbers. Anyone with information about victims and those still trying to contact loved ones has been encouraged to visit the site.

People travelling to or holidaying in New Zealand may be difficult to reach because of power outages and jammed phone lines.

This make Googles crisis response is likely to remain a valuable tool for anyone looking for information about friends and relatives in New Zealand who may be unable to leave due to flights being cancelled.

According to the Christian Science Monitor all flights out of the country have been suspended. The national air traffic control centre for New Zealand is located in Christchurch and may have been damaged by the quake.

Airport spokesman Richard Llewellyn said that while aircraft are able to land, none will be allowed to take off until appropriate safety checks have been made.

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