Expedia unveils eco plan

Online travel agent Expedia is aiming to build its green credentials by launching a programme that will allow consumers to purchase “offsets” with flight products.

The project has been launched initially in the US in conjunction with TerraPass, a greenhouse gas lobbying and reduction group.

Consumers will be asked to buy a TerraPass during the payment phase of a booking on the Expedia.com website.

Expedia’s North America leisure travel group president, Steven McArthur, said: “Expedia is dedicated to promoting responsible tourism, and we’re proud to extend environmentally conscious options to our travellers.

“We are committed to making a positive impact on travel and tourism through industry advocacy, destination support and the promotion of responsible tourism.”

A typical package for the TerraPass is $5.99 for a 2,200-mile trip, $16.99 for 6,500-miles, or $29.99 for 13,000 miles.

Expedia’s deal is to be monitored by a California-based Center for Resource Solutions, a non-profit organisation that runs certification programmes for industry.

Analyst Lars Kvale said: “The voluntary market for greenhouse gas reductions has tremendous potential and this is an innovative initiative enabling consumers to reduce their greenhouse gas impact.

“It is a market we want to support and help to develop by providing certainty for consumers through our verification process.”

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