Amadeus pushes car service with Facebook racing game

Amadeus has launched a new Facebook game to promote its Cars Plus service.

The game lets users race one another and post their best times, with the monthly winners awarded a prize ranging from iTunes vouchers to larger consumer gadgets.

Rob Golledge, Head of Marketing Communication, Amadeus UK & Ireland, said, “The simplicity of the game echoes the simplicity of Cars Plus.

“The navigation is straight-forward so you can get an understanding of how easy Cars Plus is to use and after you complete each stage, tips are offered highlighting how agents can maximize the benefits of Cars Plus.”

The Cars Plus service lets travel agents search for car rental offers from multiple providers. It lets users search by landmark or addresses, compare multiple availability displays and pre-populate data from customer profiles and company/travel agency policies.

The Facebook game was also designed to “demonstrate that car rental can be fun and should be offered at every opportunity,” added Golledge.

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