Bing offers visual search for skiers

Search engine Bing has released a new winter sports resorts visual search tool to help skiers and snowboarders decide on their next alpine getaway.

The ski resorts gallery offers users views of 486 different ski resort locations. Users can see pictures of ski resorts, find out which locations are open, find the number and type of runs available and even check snowfall.

Bing spokeswoman Tamsin Todd said: “The last minute skiing holiday is something that many-saving Brits are all too familiar with.

“More often than not though, choosing the right place is hard and trudging through tiresome lists of options and places to go is time-consuming.

“At Bing UK we wanted to create a gallery that would be useful for every winter thrillseeker, from those travelling on their own, to groups of friends and families of every skill level.

“By providing search information in an interesting, visual way and offering a range of categories, we hope to engage as many skiers and snowboarders as possible.”

Bing said the new service features some of the top searched for ski resorts and allows users to discover new locations.

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