AviancaTaca signs IT agreement with Amadeus

AviancaTaca, the Latin American airline group, has signed an IT agreement with Amadeus. The new deal marks the full adoption of Altéa by AviancaTaca as part of its modernisation process.


The airline group was already using various modules of Altéa customer management so the full integration was the next logical step.  The adoption of the new system also means AviancaTaca will benefit from using the Altéa multi-carrier platform.


It allows AviancaTaca to combine its different airline codes into a single integrated availability and sales view, sharing revenue control and customer management across all carriers in the group.


Fabio Villegas Ramírez, executive president of AviancaTaca, said: “The merger of Avianca and TACA is designed to improve efficiency and deliver synergies.


“Working with Amadeus and a common IT infrastructure will allow us to provide a consistent service to the customer. After thorough research and consideration, we consider that Amadeus is the technological and strategic partner that we need.”


When the new system is in place AviancaTaca will be able to share passenger name records and customer profiles between its members, speeding the customer check in process and simplifying tasks related to flight departure.

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