Ogone launches credit and debit card payments on Apple devices

Ogone payment services has launched an app allowing merchants to accept credit cards anywhere using an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Ogone m-Terminal uses an internet connected Apple device to process credit transactions and the German ELV debit transaction. It also gives merchants access to their back office from anywhere in real time.

The app lets users enter customers’ card details, provides updates on payment status and will also email the customer confirming a purchase.

All customer information entered is encrypted before being sent to help prevent fraud and the application can be fully configured to a client’s needs.

Julian Wallis, UK country manager Ogone, said “This innovation is a very exciting addition to Ogone’s existing payment services.

“With the Ogone m-Terminal merchants can now accept and pay all transactions by credit card and execute direct debit payments (ELV in Germany) seamlessly, but above all absolutely securely wherever and whenever they want with only the need for their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

“This is convenient for both the merchant and the customer, removing the need for a payment terminal and/or lengthy trips to the cash machine”.

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