TTE: Multicom claims sub-second speeds with Omnicache

Multicom claims its new Omnicache search technology will provide a world first – sub-second searches for scheduled, charter and low-cost flights.

Unveiled at Travel Technology Europe, the new technology uses Artificial Intelligence to filter out unwanted or inappropriate search results and can segment the cache to speed up results.

John Howell, Multicom managing director, said reaction to the release “had been positive and there had been a lot of interest” from delegates at the annual trade show at Earl’s Court, London.

“With the increased speed it increases site conversion, site stickiness and search relevance. We want to be returning all results in less than a second,” he said.

Howell said he believed this speed of results delivery was a world first. In the next phases of development Multicom plans to roll it out to cover accommodation and dynamic packaging.

For customers selling flights Omincache can be pre-loaded with selected fares, Howell expecting most customers to “work on an 80:20 rule”, loading their 20 most profitable routes into the system.

Multicom also announced that 120 agents in the Advantage Travel Centres agency consortium are now using its web-based sales system Fabrix.

The system, that integrates with Multicom’s FindandBook core search product, was developed with Advantage and powers its ‘Travel Gateway’.

Advantage agents can use it for free as a business to business sales tool although they are able plug it into their customer facing websites for a fee.

Multicom is poised to roll out the system to other customers with OTA Qwerty Travel said to be weeks away from launch.

The system includes ‘push’ functionality for selling ancillaries by which it automatically searches for relevant components like car hire and offers this as an option with the flight search results.


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