Historvius.com offers historical spin on travel inspiration

Historvius.com uses maps of historical sites worldwide to inspire travellersA new travel start-up is using historical mapping to help customers plan their holidays.

Historvius.com, developed by group of history enthusiasts, and aims to inspire people to travel to new destinations and to provide holidaymaker with a theme to plan around.

Along with providing historical information, Historvius gives its users maps and contact numbers for all its historic sites. The company is only about 3 months old but they are already being noticed by travellers and educational institutions.

Mike Lewis, CEO and founder of Historvius.com said, “We are basically based on mapping the historical sights of the world. So wherever someone is going on holiday, Historvius can show you what historical sites are near there and we can even subdivide our search to fit people’s interests.”


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