TTE: Hogg Robinson launches mobile booking app

Hogg Robinson Group has unveiled a mobile application enabling travellers to book hotels as well as access other travel information such as flight and train schedules.

The service, which is part of the i-Suite stable of products, is currently being piloted with plans for a launch in the second quarter of this year.

The application will initially be available via Blackberry devices followed by iPhone and Android phones.

The service is split into an information element offering loyalty scheme information, profile alerts and trip approval and an itinerary element offering past and future trip information.

The travel management giant has decided not to offer flight booking because of the volume of options involved.

“With any booking we present the flights that we think are most applicable but travellers still want to see further options. It’s purely about real estate and if it was a company that had a very strict policy then we would do it,” said Paul Saggar, HRG’s director of technology and product development.

 HRG also plans to continue its partnership with Sabre’s TripCase itinerary management system.

Other corporate technology specialists are also looking at mobile with GetThere developing a hotel booking service for mobile devices.

The online booking technology specialist is hoping to launch a service within the next couple of months, which will enable travellers to book a hotel, view trip details, access flight information such as gate number and departure times and contact their travel agent.

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