Multicom to unveil new quicker search technology at TTE

Travel software supplier Multicom will showcase new search technology at next week’s Travel Technology Europe show which it claims will drive up the speed and accuracy of searches for its customers.

Omincache uses ‘artificial intelligence’ to filter out unwanted or inappropriate results, Bristol-based Multicom saying it will improve sales, search rankings and loyalty to the merchant using the system.

A first major customer is due to be announced shortly and the system will expanded to cover accommodation and dynamic packages in a second phase having been developed for flight searches for launch. It covers schedule, charter, low cost and net fares.

Andy Tidy, executive director at Multicom, said: “Speed of search is critical to businesses in any sector, not least the travel industry.

“Research carried out by many leading internet search engines including Bing and Google, demonstrate how important search speeds are in delivering sales and repeat visits.

“Tests carried out by Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, showed that a less than two second increase of delays in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, lost revenue per user of 4.3% and reduced clicks by 4.3%.”

Multicom said Omnicache is memory based meaning it does not waste time hitting databases or network connections unnecessarily.

Data is optimised so it can be found quickly and Omnicache incorporates the flexible search meaning not all of the cache has to be searched to find the information.

Tidy added: “Omnicache employs  Artificial Intelligence techniques to determine which items are likely to be useful and which are not. Unfresh, volatile, or otherwise ’bad’ data is expired and replaced quicker.

“It is clear from the evidence that speed and accuracy gives a higher conversion rate,  increases ‘stickiness’ of websites – meaning customers are more likely to return and stay longer each time. They will also save on GDS search fees.

“Add to that the fact that search engines  reward good load speeds in the same way that they use good user experience as a whole, Omnicache will have a positive impact on users search ratings.”

Travel Technology Europe takes place at the Earl’s Court exhibition centre in London on February 8-9.

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