teams up with skyhook for hotel app

US travel giant has chosen Skyhook Location Engine for its Android hotel negotiator app.

The agreement allows Priceline customers to locate, bid and book hotels using Skyhook’s location positioning, context and intelligence software.

Priceline chose Skyhook’s paid service over the free Google alternative. This means Priceline will be using the same location engine software as Kayak and Gowalla.

“Reliability and speed of a location result is critical for an app like Hotel Negotiator,” said Ted Morgan, founder and chief executive of Skyhook.

“Skyhook technology enables Priceline’s app users to know precisely where they are in a town and where their best hotel options are located.

“We believe the highly accurate location information provided by Skyhook will significantly enhance the overall experience and satisfaction among Hotel Negotiator app users.”

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