and Columbus Internet launch Facebook app and Columbus Internet have launched a new Facebook app called Hotels WithMe. The new app allows friends and family to get together and collectively choose and book a hotel.

This means people from all over the world can use a single app to come together as a group and find the hotel that best fits their needs.

The app features hotel shortlists, live availability, price updates and more than 130,000 hotels to choose from. Members of a group can search for hotels in real time, vote for their favourites and write notes about the hotels they see.

The app also includes hotel photos, maps and street views. “Hotels WithMe is perfectly adapted for the social-media generation, letting travellers plan trips together,” said Andrew Sittermann, chief executive at Columbus Internet.

“We are very proud to be working with to provide the first application on the web which lets people research and book hotels together in real-time.”

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