Egyptian internet and phone blackout cuts off communications

Travel companies and corporates may be completely cut off from their customers and staff in Egypt as anti-government rioting in the country escalates.

There are widespread reports that there is an internet and mobile phone blackout in the country. Mobile-phone texting and Blackberry messaging are all down according to

Respected blog, The Arabist reports that DSL and 3G services have been taken offline in Cairo. The main Egyptian ISP’s are also reporting that there is no internet traffic.

The flood of blackout reports have come after a video was released by Associated Press showing an Egyptian protester being shot.

It is not clear if these blackouts are caused by the ISP’s or another source but it is clear that the lines of communication between Egypt and the outside world are being cut off.

This could be related to online rumours that the Egyptian Government is planning a major crackdown on the protestors today. Observers have speculated this could be linked to today’s Friday prayers.

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