Lonely Planet launches Satnav guides

Guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has signed a deal with satellite navigation specialist Navman to provide an interactive online travel guide.

The Navman website will use some of the 250,000 pictures from the Lonely Planet Images database in its plan to create destination guides that can be downloaded to users of Satnav devices.

Each photograph will hold geographical data – such as information on hotels, shops and attractions – that will be incorporated into the website and subsequently available to download on to a portable handset.

Business development manager at Lonely Planet, Miranda Duffy, said: “This development in satellite technology illustration allows travellers to locate a specific destination and get information about what they will find once they get there.”

The initial programme will include free information on 19 major cities across Europe, such as London, Paris, Milan and Madrid.

The pictures also include 100 words of information about each destination.

President of the consumer navigation group at Navman, Prash Vadgama, added: “Working hand-in-hand with Lonely Planet has been an exciting journey.

“Combining our mapping information with their local knowledge, this new package provides users with everything they need for an exciting, stress-free trip.”

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