Sabre and American agree truce in GDS row

American Airlines and Sabre have agreed to halt a legal wrangle between them until June 1 as they attempt to reach a settlement.

US carrier American and global distribution system Sabre had been due in court in Texas on Monday. The court issued a restraining order against Sabre for alleged “biasing” of GDS displays earlier this month.

Sabre admitted it had downgraded American flights on display screens in an escalating row over breach of contract and GDS access to full airline content.

American sued Sabre, but faces a counter suit of its own from technology giant Travelport which owns the Galileo and Worldspan GDSs and a controlling stake in online travel retailer Orbitz.

American is also embroiled in row with Expedia as it attempts to overturn the system by which travel agents and online retailers access air fares.

The airline aims to drive custom through its own Direct Connect booking system and believes retailers should pay to access fares via GDSs rather than carriers pay to appear as now.

In a joint statement issued in Texas, American and Sabre said they would “begin work shortly in an effort to reach a new agreement. Both parties will return to operating as they were prior to January 5 in terms of Sabre displays, American Airlines content and economic terms.”

Neither company would comment on the agreement. No date has been set for the US court case brought by Travelport against American.

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