Travelport signs agreement with Magnuson Hotels

Travelport has announced a full content agreement with Magnuson Hotels, the world’s largest independent hotel group.

The four-year agreement gives Travelport full access to Magnuson Hotels’ room rates and the inventory of over 1,500 properties in North America and the UK.

The agreement also ensures equal rates for all Travelport-connected users including corporate customers and online agencies booking through Galileo and Worldspan.

Magnuson will take part in Travelport Complete Pricing Plus. This gives travel agents access to more detailed room and rule information as well as pricing for optional room extras like adding a child or extra bedding.

Magnuson will be connected to Travelport’s global distribution service systems. This will give customers access to real time rates, rules and availability of properties, while reducing distribution costs for Magnuson.

“Travelport’s complete worldwide distribution to consumers and travel agencies will open up opportunities for all independent affiliates of Magnuson Hotels,” said co-chief executive Thomas R Magnuson. 

“Travelport’s integration with the new Magnuson Direct Reservation System will help provide global scale to every struggling independent hotel owner.

Our participation in Complete Pricing Plus will give travel agents and therefore the traveler better visibility of our prices and facilities during the booking process, making booking Magnuson Hotels properties on the GDS as straightforward and efficient as possible.”

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