Flying with SkyTeam? there’s an app for that

SkyTeam has launched a new iPhone app for customers and is planning to launch versions for Andriod and Blackberry platforms.

The app takes information from SkyTeam’s 13 member airlines to help provide passengers with worldwide flight schedules, flight status, weather forecasts, flight information updates, an airport locator and important contact phone numbers.

The eSkyGuide also provides the ability to look up flight schedules in Flight Mode when internet access is disabled.

“The SkyTeam App confirms SkyTeam’s ongoing commitment to accelerating product and service developments to meet our global travellers’ need for seamless travel”, says Mauro Oretti, SkyTeam’s Vice President Sales and Marketing.

“It helps our customers get to where they need to be by providing useful and updated travel information from our members.”

The app will also help travel agents and other businesses in the travel industry. By providing up to date wireless flight information, travel agents will know immediately if any of their clients are having trouble.

That means better communication between airlines, passengers and travel agents. The SkyTeam app for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the iTunes App Store and the app will be available for Blackberry and Android within two months.

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