Travelsupermarket and lead car hire search rankings and are leading the pack in SEO and social media marketing, according to search engine marketing firm Greenlight’s car rental sector report for October 2010.

The report outlines how these companies have secured a total of 94% visibility in the natural search 64% visibility in the paid search and high rankings in social media. dominated the natural search rankings with 53% visibility.

Their site has plenty of good, frequently updated content, the stories include key search terms and everything is accessible to search engine spiders.

The site also has something called Link Equity.

A search engine not only looks at keywords to rank a site, it also looks at the web pages the site is linked to.

Each link directing web users to a site is like a vote of confidence.

The more votes, the better a site looks in the eyes of a search engine.

These basic SEO strategies have paid off for

While they focus on the natural search, is combining natural and paid search to achieve amazing results.

They currently have 41% natural search visibility and 63% paid search visibility.

Buying search results is much like buying advertising space.

Anyone can buy pay search results, but getting them noticed takes good advertising copy and a breadth and depth of keywords. uses generic, branded and long tail keywords.

This gives them the most visibility from their pay search.

While and take different approaches to SEO, they have both embraced social media marketing.

This strategy allows companies to talk directly to their customers, get feedback and push deals.

Companies like and use Facebook and Twitter to reach consumers.

Regular tweets and updates increase their audience and insure regular traffic on their sites.

Both social media sites also have a large user base and have tools to help build a following.

By using social media and SEO, and have a distinct advantage over their competition and top marks from Greenlight.

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