Kazoo.co.uk launches with 100 travel agents signed up

Almost 100 travel agents have signed up for a new online holiday shopping website.

KazooTravel.co.uk’s aims to have more than 200 specialist agents offering their services by the end of March after going live yesterday. 

The company claims to give holidaymakers and vendors the chance to negotiate to get a better deal and get the sale as if they were face to face. The website “puts the emphasis back into the traditional way of shopping” for holidays.

Kazoo director Gordon Holt said: “Electronic methods of purchase are normally one way, you see and you buy or don’t buy; this offers as many problems as it solves, especially where high-ticket items are concerned, this offers little comfort to the purchaser.

“The vendor on the other hand relies on faith that the consumer sees their wares or wants what they have on show. Great if you want to buy a book or a DVD, but what about buying a holiday, who do you ask if you want something different?

“This revolutionary method of shopping for a holiday will significantly benefit the holidaymaker and level the playing field for the traditional high street travel agent.”


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