Online giants gain ground in Australia

A new study has revealed the top online sites for hotel bookings in Australia revealing international giants are outperforming local sites.

According to SiteMinder the firms in the list earned the most money for the hotels they represented.

SiteMinder online channel analyst, Duncan Waterman, said:  “The rapid rise of international sites like Expedia, and Agoda in the Australian market really stood out in our analysis.

“They have recorded the fastest growth in overall bookings across the SiteMinder customer base.”

According to SiteMinder the rise of these international site has taken many local booking sites by surprise.

It said that by providing competitive prices and more choice, sites like Expedia and Orbitz have been able to conquer markets that have traditionally been dominated by local organisations.

The hotel distributer SiteMinder found that in 2010, the top ten hotel booking companies were:

1) Wotif
3) Expedia
4) Agoda
5) Orbitz
6) My Bookings (Entertainment Publications)
7) Qantas Ready Rooms
8) RatesToGo
9) Travelocity
10) Venere

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