Shift in search terms forces marketing re-think

Online shoppers are becoming increasingly specific with search words, forcing companies to re-think their marketing strategies.

Online search technology and marketing agency Adprecision said customers are using fewer generic terms and nailing down exactly what they want as soon as they start searching.

The trend has seen more companies bid for ‘longtail’ key words – specific phrases rather than individual words.

Adprecision commercial director Alasdair Cross said: “It’s a general trend for the use of longtail words which are much more specific searches. Instead of generic terms such as ‘flights’ for example, users are now putting ‘flight to New York in December’. Internet users are becoming more sophisticated.”

Cross said the cost of longtail words are currently cheaper – around the 50p mark – than many words because of the specific nature of the searches.

But although fewer people are likely to type in the phrase, those who do are more likely to book, he said.

“More specific searches indicates shoppers are at a more advanced stage of the buying process,” said Cross. He said improved conversions from such search terms could lead to an increase in the bid price.

Cross added that key words for phrases such as ‘Dubai holiday’ have risen from between 30p or 40p three years to up to £3 now.

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