ATPI expands use of Conferma hotel platform

Travel management company ATPI has signed a global contract to expand the use of hotel booking settlement and reconciliation technology provided by Conferma.

ATPI already uses the company’s services in the UK. It will expand the use of the technology initially in Holland followed by the Nordic region and other European countries.

Conferma’s online booking platform Hotel Booker, which will be used by ATPI travel consultants, integrates to the PNR and agency back-office system avoiding the need for duplication or re-keying of information.

Manual processes like fax, telephone and email are also replaced by automated confirmations.

The tool displays in a single portal GDS, non-GDS, low-cost and direct connect wholesale internet rates for more than 150,000 hotels worldwide.

ATPI will also be able to offer Conferma’s settlement and reconciliation technology through its international offices.

The TMC’s group sales director Adam Knights said: “Conferma’s booking and settlement technology will give us a complete audit trail which should eliminate billing disputes and streamline the often labour intensive hotel bill-back process. This will free up our staff to focus on other potentially more innovative areas of customer service.”

Conferma CEO Simon Barker added: “Using our settlement offering TMCs have the opportunity to settle client transaction using either Mastercard, Visa or American Express, which removes their own credit exposure and dramatically reduces their financial risk.”

The company announced last month that it had expanded its portfolio to offer corporates and their TMCs the ability to book, reconcile and settle low cost carrier transactions.

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