MyTravel reaps rewards of web overhaul

MyTravel is boasting a 20% increase in online conversions following a series of improvements to its suite of sites since the end of 2005.

A three-staged overhaul of its portfolio of sites had already reduced booking times by up to 40% for the completion of two phases.

The tour operator said the third phase of redevelopment work, including work on sites for MyTravel, Going Places and Airtours, would be completed by September this year.

Central to the success has been reducing the number of steps needed to book a product down from eight to five, the company said.

A major part of the programme has also included conducting a string of consumer tests with usability specialist Foviance.

MyTravel director digital marketing, Russell Gould, said the internet has established itself as an “increasingly important channel” for the operator.

“We have already experienced substantial growth via our digital channels over the last period with online sales growing from less than five per cent in 2004 to over 20 per cent since March this year,” he added.

“The booking process was initially streamlined from eight steps to five and this, alongside the more recent changes to navigation paths, has resulted in us experiencing immediate improvements in conversion rates.”

Part of the usability testing has involved a study of market-leading websites in non-travel sectors, including the BBC, Amazon and John Lewis.

Foviance director Catriona Campbell said: “Our approach with the MyTravel portfolio was to find a single web design format that was well suited to the demands of the travelling consumer and then apply this template to each of the MyTravel websites.

“This ensures a consistency of design, which is beneficial for both MyTravel and its customers. It also creates a proven model that gives MyTravel absolute confidence that each of its websites is performing as well as it possibly can.”

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