Abacus launches mobile app for agents

Mobile Travel Technologies has developed a mobile app to allow agents to provide professional service to their customers even when they are out of the agency office.

MTT has teamed up with Abacus International to create the mobile solution, which is available on most smartphones running operating systems such as iPhone, RIM, Android and Symbian, has been designed to emulate the  “green screen” style of the Abacus Point of Sale system.

Agents can enter standard text string commands and can insert system specific symbols like Cross of Lorraine, ChangeKey and EndItem from a dropdown menu. Agents with touch screen mobiles can also operate the system via point and click.
“There’s an increasing demand for mobile services from travellers, but there’s no reason for mobile travel services to be limited to the B2C market. Abacus Mobile was designed to give agents access to professional travel agency GDS services via mobile. It’s like having an agency call centre in your pocket,” said Gerry Samuels, founder and executive director, MTT.
“We wanted to enable our travel partners to maximise the potential of the mobile platform,” said vice president of marketing, Abacus International, Brett Henry. “MTT delivered a creative solution. Our agents love it – now they can serve customers quickly and easily no matter where they are and without investing a lot of time learning a new interface.”
Abacus Mobile is powered by MTT’s comprehensive mobile travel platform, M2B. This powers downloadable mobile apps and mobile web optimized for virtually all devices from a single platform.

M2B connects to virtually all of the key GDS, airline and hotel systems in the world and can also intelligently re-purpose content from regular PC web sites.

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