Online dynamic packaging in 2006 boost

The number of UK consumers packaging their own holidays for the 2006 summer season has increased five-fold, according to research by online agent Travelocity.

The company said an online poll of users had discovered the sea-change in consumer behaviour on 2005, with many booking flights and accommodation earlier in the year than they had previously.

The survey also revealed consumers were spending money saved by using low cost carriers for flights in Europe was still spent on travel products.

Around 70% of respondents said they would opt for a higher grade of accommodation with the money they would normally have spent on a flight.

One in eight consumers said they would upgrade the board status of a hotel, while transfers and in-resort facilities accounted for 8% and 6% respectively.

Travelocity expressed surprise in the results after discovering only 4% would spend any saved money on clothes and accessories. marketing manager Stuart Parish said: “People usually have a set budget on what they are willing to spend on flights and accommodation combined which is different to the one they are planning to spend on pre-holiday shopping or in-resort entertainment.”

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