Zolv unveils ‘disruptive’ web-to-print brochure tech

Web design agency Zolv is looking to help its clients break into the world of print and brochure publishing, saying it could be the new disruptive medium as online becomes the norm.

Jonathan Greensted, Zolv business development director, said the firm was trialling technology to create bespoke brochures that can be sent to people who have browsed their site.

The innovation is among a suite of solutions Zolv is showcasing at World Travel Market this week alongside its WTP website management system and ‘rapport engine’ that allows sites to be personalised.

Greensted said: “We are starting to look at the print side of things. If you look at a short digital print run you can actually link that back to the web technology.

“Rather than taking a print CRM and moving it to the web we are actually doing the reverse. It could be anything from bespoke brochure or full seasonal brochure. It’s a cut of all the content you have online.

“Offline now is becoming a bit of a disruptive technology as more people are moving online. People are getting delighted by the fact that they are receiving something through the post.”

Zolv is also making use of cloud based computing through its partnership with Amazon and Microsoft.
Greensted this will enable travel firms in the future to host much more rich content on their sites like video without it impacting the performance of the site.

He also said it will help travel companies cope with spike in traffic associated with the usual seasonal sales upturn and crises like major failures or the ash cloud air space closure.

Zolv said it has three types of customer; self service more boutique customers, those looking for a blueprint with some bespoke functionality and larger customers it works very closely with.

Greensted said it is looking to segment and grow in each of the areas with the focus on developing sites that increase sales and run technology for customers so they can concentrate on their businesses.

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