Yahoo! to buy Dapper ad platform

Yahoo! has agreed to acquire Dapper, a technology platform providing dynamic display ad creation and optimisation.

Dapper enables advertisers and agencies to build dynamic ad creative, leveraging data to automatically show the right product, offer, or message with each impression.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Yahoo! expects to complete the acquisition by the end of the year.

Dapper’s capabilities will further enhance Yahoo!’s ability to deliver customized and relevant advertising, the company said.

The acquisition is designed to accelerate the adoption of Yahoo! Smart Ads.

“Owning this technology will help the company deliver innovative solutions to an even broader range of advertisers and integrate dynamic ad serving into key Yahoo! properties,” the company said.

Frank Weishaupt, vice-president North America ad marketplaces at Yahoo! said: “Smart Ads will continue to be an important component of display advertising and the acquisition of Dapper will help Yahoo! to more efficiently deliver dynamic and personalised ads for customers across more of our network.”

Vice-president advertiser and publisher solutions Dev Patel added: “Utilisation of consumer insights to deliver relevant consumer and advertiser experiences are built into our technology from inception and Dapper’s capabilities will further enhance the experiences we deliver.”

Dapper was founded by Eran Shir and Jon Aizen in 2006 to transform display advertising with personalised content.

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