‘Google Bypass’ set for rebrand after injunction

A holiday deals personal affiliate scheme set up by On Holiday Group hopes to reveal a new name within weeks following a legal threat from Google.

“Google Bypass”, as it was it known, was renamed G-Bypass on an interim basis, but On Holiday Group has been running a competition among its members to find a new name.

The group’s chief executive Steve Endacott said: “We have had plenty of suggestions but if we feel there isn’t anything better than G-Bypass we’ll stick with it. We’ll hopefully have a new name within two to three weeks.”

The scheme seeks to bypass what it claims is the £25 per booking paid to Google to advertise holidays and instead offers this to customers for bookings generated by them after passing on deals to friends and followers on their social networks.

G-Bypass is being run under On Holiday Group’s Holiday Nights brand which was issued with an injunction from Google after the original scheme was launched in the summer.

Seeking feedback on G-Bypass from industry contacts on LinkedIn this week Endacott said:

“You may have read in the press about the legal battle we have had with Google over the name of the personal affiliate scheme we recently launched (now renamed G-Bypass because we can’t mention Google anymore – oooops done it again!”

Endacott said a number of benefits of G-Bypass appear to have been “missed”. These included:

• Using your customers as advocates of your brand

• Ultra simple one-click posting of special offers to Social Networks e.g. Facebook/Twitter

• Automated back office reward payment system

Endacott said it was early days for the scheme but that it was a direction he thought “we should all be moving in” and he was looking for feedback about it.

“This is a project in its infancy as we want to get expert feedback on what we can do with it. The feedback so far has been very positive,” he said.

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