Language is key to web success, Josh Spear tells Travel Convention

Successful business use of social media services such as Twitter and Youtube is reliant on “understanding the language in each universe,” according to marketing strategist Josh Spear.

Speaking at Abta’s Travel Convention in Malta, the founder of marketing company Undercurrent said that brands must understand the varied rules on each site or service before engaging – or not bother at all.

He also urged the industry to take more advantage of its captive audiences, especially on aircraft.

He said that the audience could be harnessed to get useful information and feedback, which becomes more reliable the more people engage.

Spear also spoke of the disappearance of the “old guard” of the travel industry.

He said: “This business used to be really simple. My parents had a local travel agent who they would call and that was that.

”But this has been disrupted now – five years ago there was a lot of disruption, now everything has been disrupted and the new guard is arriving.”

Spear said the industry must move beyond simple banner advertising, and suggested employing digital natives who have grown up taking 24-hour internet and social networking for granted.

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