Sabre Red boosts TMC commissions

Business travel spend is being reduced by up to five per cent by travel management companies adopting contract optimisation services launched last year by Sabre Travel Network.

The company says feedback from customers has shown a 10% rise in bookings, an up to 10% increase in override revenues and the capture of more than 90% of missed or incorrectly entered front-end commissions.

The Sabre Red total travel solution tool is designed to help travel management companies and their corporate customers manage multiple, overlapping air supplier contracts.

A number of pilot customers are using the service in Europe, a year after its introduction in North America. US TMC Tzell Travel Group has recouped an average of more than $1,000 a day in what would have been lost commission revenue as a result of using the solution.

Tzell president Barry Liben said: “Almost every agent misses a commission opportunity on a weekly basis and Sabre’s contract optimisation tool made it fast and easy to catch these missed opportunities.

“It also assists in debit memo prevention by finding instances where commission was taken but the necessary ticketing codes were not entered. Simply put, it has opened new and improved aspects of airline contract management.”

Sabre marketing senior vice-president Chris Kroeger said: “Contract optimisation services is an essential tool for any agency that wants to maximise the value of its preferred airline supplier strategy.

“It takes complex and often overlapping contracts and makes it easy for agencies to flawlessly manage their supplier agreements, helping them make money, save money and improve their overall customer service.”

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