Google Street View usage low among Brits

Just 9% of Brits use Google Street View to choose their holiday compared to a third of people in the US, according to a poll by US coupon website

CouponCodes4U polled 6,286 Americans and 1,287 Brits about how they decide where they will go on holiday.

The results showed 34% of Americans used Street View to look at their chosen destination while researching.

A further 21% said it gave them a good idea as to whether they would like it and 42% thought they would be able to tell if it was “good value for money”.

However, just 9% of Brits said they used the service for holidays and over half of these said it would not be the deciding factor. The weather was the crucial factor for three quarters of Brits.

Mark Pearson, chairman of said: “Google Street View can most definitely be a good way to pick a holiday destination, although I don’t think anyone should ever base their decision purely on what they have seen on the site.

“Customer reviews are always a good place to start, as they will have had experience of the destination.

“I also think that looking at what you get for your money is a good place to start, along with looking at many different holiday companies; and, of course, the odd discount is no bad thing.”

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