Brits look to South America for winter sun says Cheapflights

South American destinations have emerged as popular winter sun long haul options by British travellers, according to Cheapflights.

Flight searches for Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay have all figured highly, according to a study by price comparison site

Comparing the number of searches made in the first six months of 2010 with the same period last year, the report charts which destinations have risen in popularity throughout the year and which have fallen out of favour.

Brazil is the regional favourite with a 194% rise in search followed by Argentina at 134% and Paraguay at 127%.

Destinations within both Brazil and Argentina featured twice in the top five alone, with Brazil appearing 22 times for different destinations within a list of 50 South American locations.

Cheapflight’s travel expert Nadine Hallak said: “Given that the UK is now officially in autumn, travellers searching for sun have to look south of the equator.

“While several South American destinations are still suffering the effects of a global recession, their seasonal appeal, low ground costs and the fact that long-haul travel is making a welcome return, have all helped to significantly boosted tourism.”

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