US survey reveals sponsored search winner

Travelocity is the most effective sponsored search advertiser in the US among the leading online travel agents, according to independent research.

The Sabre-owned company has the lowest number of sponsored ad impressions (31 million in April) against Expedia, Orbitz and, but had a 6.5% click through rate, ComScore MediaMetrix said.

Expedia, Orbitz and Cheaptickets had click through rates of 4.9%, 4.4% and 4% respectively.

ComScore Media Metrix president and chief executive, Peter Daboll, said: “With search advertising accounting for roughly 40 percent of total online spending, it’s clear that advertisers view the medium as a critical component of the advertising mix.

“This is particularly true for the leading online travel agencies, which receive nearly two-thirds of their search-generated click-throughs from sponsored ads.

“This high volume of advertising makes it even more important for advertisers to focus on the search terms that have the most relevance to their target audience.”

The research was carried out by ComScore to coincide with the launch of a new tool, Competitive Search Marketing Reports.

The study also revealed Yahoo! was the preferred search channel in the US, with 46% of travel sponsored ads, but Google had a 35% sponsored click-through rate for travel products, with Yahoo! and MSN achieving rates of 32% and 22%.

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