Collinson Latitude launches offline travel app

iPhone owners are being offered an airline and hotel guide application that works offline.

The ‘TravelPlan’ app allows users to check travel plans at home or abroad without the need for live downloads that can incur significant data roaming charges.

It can be used on board when in ‘flight mode’ and claims to provide access to 99% of all worldwide flight schedules, with information on more than 750,000 trips from over 750 airlines.

This is in addition to searchable details for 15,000 hotels and more than 100 international airports and car rental outlets. 

TravelPlan includes a trip planner, so users can build their travel itinerary and share it with friends and colleagues via email.

It also provides contact details so users can get in touch with service providers at the touch of a button.

Available from the iTunes store, TravelPlan costs £5.99 for a year’s subscription, and includes a monthly downloadable data update. 

Kevan Christmas, digital and mobile consultant at Collinson Latitude, which has launched the app, said: “With the cost of data roaming often high, and many airlines still restricting onboard connectivity, the TravelPlan app provides users with an always available and searchable offline database of 99% of the world’s flight schedules.”

He said it allowed busy executives and other travellers to access vital travel information when on the move.

“Whether they’ve just been bumped from a flight, are stuck in the back of a taxi or simply in an area without reception, they benefit from full functionality without the potentially large costs that typically come with data roaming,” said Christmas.

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