Sabre rolls out automated ticket exchange

Sabre Travel Network has claimed its new Sabre Red automated ticket exchange technology saves travel agents 20 minutes for each ticket processed.

The GDS has today announced the roll out of Sabre Red Automated Exchange following beta testing with a selection of Sabre agencies.

Martin Cowley, Sabre Travel Network, Europe, Middle East and Africa senior vice president, said: 

“It [Sabre Red Automated Exchange] significantly reduces time and training required for new agents, enhances efficiency and productivity by simplifying the exchange, and enables agencies to spend more time providing value to their customers rather than working on a process.”

TD Travel Group was a UK agent that tested the technology. Its managing director John Owen said:  “Our participation in the beta program has shown great results and we are especially pleased with the significant time savings we’ve seen.

“We look forward to implementing this new capability across our company and enjoying the benefits it brings to our business.”

Automated Exchange allows agents to automatically access a replacement ticket price including fees and taxes and it advises agents when it is cheaper to book a new flight than incur a booking change fee.

It also offers alternative flight options to reduce cost and Sabre says it is available for 50 of the most popular airlines, representing 80% of ticket reissues on the Sabre platform.

The Sabre Red roll out started in July and to date 4,000 customers in 70 countries have updated to the system that offers a new agency platform among a range of other services.


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