Travellers consider UK the world’s least accessible country

The UK is considered least accessible country by global travellers due to visa restrictions and immigration procedures, according to new research.

But they believe it gives the most value for money and is the best destination for shopping.

Switzerland emerged as most respondents’ choice when asked where they would go if given a free holiday anywhere in Europe

Spain and Italy were the top two destinations for a summer holiday, while Switzerland and Austria are ranked one and two for winter holidays. France took third spot in both categories.
Culture is the most popular reason for visiting Europe, with just under a quarter of those polled (24.2%) saying that it mattered most when considering a trip to Europe.

The cost of travel was the primary factor discouraging people from taking a holiday in Europe, followed by visa restrictions/ immigration procedures

Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all made it into the top ten of the least safe European destinations with the UK fifth and Italy in tenth. 

Italy was rated the most friendly country but France got the most votes for the destination with the least friendly locals, followed closely by Germany, with the UK in third position.

Italy also beat off competition from France and Spain to be crowned top gastronomic destination.

WAYN co-founder and co-CEO Jerome Touze said the survey results shine a light on reputations that are in some cases deserved but not in others.

“A case in point is how Eastern European destinations are perceived as being less safe than their Western counterparts, which might not necessarily be true but that perception persists, probably due to a lack of information and hearsay,” he said.

“Notable also is the fact that some results show a full spectrum of opinions/perceptions. A case in point is the subject of friendliness, with France occupying fifth position on the ‘friendliest destinations’ list, while simultaneously taking first place in the ‘least friendly destinations’ list.

“This is probably symptomatic of the fact that there are mixed messages being received by a destination’s target audience.”

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