New travel scheme ‘delivers leads for £1.50 each’

A new service from lead generation firm Swift Intelligent Media is offering travel companies qualified leads for £1.50 each, a price it claims is “the cheapest in the marketplace”.

Swift claims it will generate up to 10,000 leads per month based on consumers’ answers to a short survey. Participants who fill in TheTravelSurvey are rewarded with a voucher entitling them to a free short break coach holiday to Disneyland Resort Paris.

The company wants travel firms to commit to a minimum of 1,000 brochure requests, and says it can start making brochures available to potential customers qualified by the survey within a week of travel clients signing an agreement.

Consumers will be offered a maximum of eight brochures and can opt to receive a maximum of three to limit wastage.

Paul Frost, Swift director, said the impact for travel firms using the service would depend on how proactive they are in following up leads.

He said the service was a relatively low-risk way of generating leads, and cheaper than alternatives like Google advertising, Travelzoo or Teletext, which are considerably more expensive.

“This is all about cost-effective lead generation,” Frost said. “We will give our partners all the information we collect about the person who has filled in the survey so they can follow that up.

“No one else can provide leads for a little as £1.50, and we are going to give firms live leads from people who have just requested their brochure. But you have got to want to get behind it.”

Leads will be passed on within 24 hours of the brochure request. Frost advises companies to contact leads by email immediately, advising them about special offers and saying the brochure is on its way.

“We will try to provide leads every day throughout the month, but have no control if a particular brochure or destination is more or less popular than others. This may well depend on how specialised the brochure is.

“The company owns the data provided by us and on a Cost Per Acquisition basis we believe it is the cheapest in the marketplace.”

The firm will also send brochures out to leads itself for an additional 40p per brochure.

Frost says he needs a minimum of 20 brochures available on the site to offer a broad enough range of product.

Swift Intelligence works in a number of sectors as well as travel on affiliate marketing, PPC, email marketing, SEO and display advertising and has large customer databases to send the travel survey to.

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