Expedia and Priceline agree deal over ad dispute

Expedia has agreed a compromise deal in a legal dispute over advertising in the US by competitor Priceline.

In a case lodged with courts in Washington last year Expedia had claimed that price comparisons made in Priceline television and online adverts were misleading.

Expedia argued that Priceline was not making a fair comparison when it claimed its prices could be as much as half that of its rival.

Priceline had based its comparison on its mystery hotel blind bidding service and were not necessarily the price the customers actually paid, Expedia argued.

The ads, that featured Star Trek actor William Shatner, have had any reference to Expedia omitted, after a reported deal was thrashed out, and a disclaimer has been added to Priceline’s site.

Offering room deals in unnamed hotels has become common place in the sector as hoteliers are keen to not be seen to be openly offering distressed stock for sale for cut price rates.


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