EasyJet ties up BT corporate deal

Budget carrier easyJet has secured a business travel deal to fly BT employees.

The airline said it is “collaborating” with the communications giant to provide “economic corporate travel solutions”. The arrangement is part of a ‘lowest cost travel on the day’ policy implemented by the company.

The deal will add easyJet to the carriers available to BT business travellers, enabling staff to select the lowest fare on the day for their corporate travel.

It comes as the low fares carrier increases its presence in the business travel sector. EasyJet claims to have carried five million more business passengers over the last 12 months than the previous year.

This equates to 8.5 million business passengers or 18% of all passengers. The airline’s UK regional general manager Paul Simmons said: “With cost-cuttings and waste elimination measures high on the agenda for most companies, a new trend in flying smarter for business purposes is emerging.

“BT recognises the need to maintain face-to-face business relations and easyJet is able to offer low fares to the most convenient business locations with the right schedules and frequency.

“As part of a ‘lowest cost on the day’ corporate travel framework we are confident of providing significant cost-savings.”

BT global travel manager Jan Tucker said: “We are delighted to have a formal relationship with easyJet as they take a major step into the corporate travel market.”

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