threatens TripAdvisor with defamation action

TripAdvisor faces a threat of a group defamation action being organised by online reputation and reassurance resource

The threatened legal action comes amid claims by KwikChex that elements within the TripAdvisor business model are “seriously flawed”.

These need to be corrected in order to avoid “damaging the reputation of reputable businesses with false allegations” and to prevent misrepresentation to consumers, KwikChex said in a statement.

Concern centres on posts appearing on the TripAdvisor site which are claimed to misrepresent hotels and restaurants featured.

“These are not reviews on service, quality of food or ambiance – they are unsafe and often unfounded accusations,” KwikChex claims

“The number of extremely serious allegations from posters unverified as even being customers is also worrying.

It is particularly serious for many of the smaller, independent businesses being affected.”

KwikChex added: “We do hope that TripAdvisor, like other businesses we are dealing with that publish online feedback, will take on board the fact that corrections to their current operating procedures are necessary, but have taken legal counsel in preparation for a class action if required.”

The company claimed that “tens of thousands” of businesses could be affected on top of an original 120.

TripAdvisor declined to comment and instead issued a statement saying: “TripAdvisor does not comment on either threatened or pending litigation.”

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