New travel guide site taps into local knowledge

A new website offering free travel advice and information recommended by local people has been unveiled. aims to match travellers and their interests to locals, offering up-to-date travel suggestions and information.

The idea came about when co-founder Ruchika Barathan was researching things to do on holiday and became frustrated with the lack of local recommendations, overwhelming number of critical review sites and out of date guide books.

She said: “Our visitors want to see your recommendations, the view of a real local who lives in their target destination.

“The people who visit our site aren’t your typical tourists, they appreciate and value the things that you value. They don’t want the same old touristy stuff, they want foreign travel advice from a real local.”

Users can ask local people for more information and advice and search for like-minded locals in a chosen destination.

Virtual itineraries can be created and links made to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word across online social networks.


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