Dolphin adds charter flights module to operator system

Travel technology provider Dolphin Dynamics has added a chartered and committed inventory module to its system for tour operators.

The addition sits alongside its existing third party air products system and allows operators to upload flight allocations, pricing levels based on seat class, season or duration, and ancillaries and supplements.

Flight manifests are also generated automatically for ground staff or contracted suppliers.

Chartered and committed inventory is displayed on a single selling screen with inventory from low-cost carriers, consolidators, and GDS net and published fares.

Flights sold can be combined with any other contracted ground products within the Dolphin inventory system and/or any ground products from the range of third party suppliers connected via XML to Dolphin’s tour operator solution.

Roberto Da Re, Dolphin president, said: “Dolphin’s air allocations module is the latest in a series of enhancements introduced for our fast-growing tour operator customer base and one that opens yet another specialist sector of the market.

“Based on feedback from our long standing customers, as well as the larger tour operators we have recently engaged, it was clear that comprehensive support for air allocations was essential to enable these customers to manage 100% of their flight offering within the single Dolphin platform offline and online, with the same level of sophistication and efficiency that they have grown accustomed to.”


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