Virgin Atlantic claims huge success with desktop alert

Virgin Atlantic has scored a direct hit with a new desktop alert system, called a Skinker, claiming a 100% return on investment and generating sizeable new revenue stream.

The downloadable tool, which notifies users when a special offer becomes available, is believed to have recouped development costs within two months following its launch in November last year.

Virgin said the first six months had seen the Skinker create over £200,000 in new revenues.

Around 4,000 users downloaded the tool in its first two months, with a further 1,000 every month since.

The company behind the software, Skinkers, is understood with to be in negotiation with a string of as yet unnamed online travel companies to launch similar tools.

Direct marketing and promotions manager at Virgin Atlantic, Kathryn Viney, said: “We needed an innovative, fast and cost effective way to get promotions to our customers, Skinkers gave us this new way and the results speak for themselves.”

The desktop notification concept has been around for a number of years but has only recently been developed to include animation and the ability to customise content.

An increasing number of companies have experienced problems with email promotions due to heavy-handed email filters.

Skinkers chief executive Matteo Berlucchi said: “Unlike email our push technology is an effective way of communicating relevant offers to users in a timely way with visibility and impact.”

Skinkers recently launched a similar tool for American Airlines and works with the BBC and Sky.

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