Ethical adventure travel site to launch

Adventure travel site is to launch in October to promote sustainable suppliers.

Set up by Alex Narracott and Ed White, the site aims to find and support small, independent and ethical adventure/activity providers.

It is free for travel providers who can demonstrate a genuine on-going commitment to sustainability to be featured on the site

From local operators, guides, guest houses and camp grounds to conservation organisations and community groups, members will then be able to receive direct enquiries from customers, promote their region and provide local advice through collaborative blogs and newsletters.

White said: “We ask all potential members what they are already doing in areas of sustainability and what they plan to do next. If we are happy with their commitment, we make free membership available and offer low cost voluntary upgrades. We provide resources and advice, then check up on those plans every year to make sure they are progressing.

“As we are not financially dependent on our members, we can honestly say that we are independent and unbiased – something not many others can claim.” 

The site has already signed up 80 members and the founders are working closely with Sustainable Travel International and the Travel Foundation. They report traffic growth of 40% over the last month, despite no official marketing or PR. will also be encouraging the adventure community to shape the selection by suggesting great places they have been and leaving reviews.

“This is about the adventure community coming together to build the ultimate travel resource for both consumers and the trade, whilst, at the same time, encouraging and rewarding true commitment to environments and communities,” said Narracott. is in the process of developing an online adventure shop, which will provide the ‘muchbetter’ gear choices for adventures. They are also discussing sponsorship opportunities with larger businesses interested in backing this unique initiative.

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