Online search for IT goods plummets

The number of online searches for PCs, laptops, smart phones and similar goods plunged in June, according to search analyst Greenlight.

UK consumers made 11.4 million searches for so-called brown goods during the month, 24% down on the number in May – which was itself 10% down on the March total.

The decline coincided with renewed concern about the outlook for the UK economy.

Entertainment products such as MP3 players, personal video players, audio equipment and iPods were the most searched in June, accounting for 38% of total searches although down by one third on May.

‘IPod’ was the most-queried term, however even iPod searches were down by one third on March. ‘Televisions’ was the second most-popular search term, perhaps reflecting the World Cup which ran for most of June

In a striking blow for user-generated content, Wikipedia topped the table of most-visible sites in natural search for brown goods.

Greenlight produced its “Brown Goods Sector Report June 2010” based on 940 of the most-popular search terms used by UK consumers.

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