Many Goldtrail claims not valid, says CAA

Many Goldtrail customers’ claims could be rejected because a contract was not established between the client and the tour operator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed.

The authority has begun examining claims and contacted a number of agencies to inform them that the claims may not be valid. Travolution understands several online travel agencies have received a letter from the authority.

A source said the CAA’s letter listed a number of factors to back up its refusal to pay out, but that it did offer agencies an “olive branch” and that a compromise was likely to be agreed.

A CAA spokeswoman said: “The CAA has carried out an initial review of claims arising from the administration of Goldtrail. Many of these do not appear to establish a contract between the customer and Goldtrail.

“If a customer did not have a contract with Goldtrail, responsibility for paying their claim, lies with the company with whom they were contracted.”

She added: “As a consequence, the CAA has written on behalf of the Air Travel Trust (ATT), initially to a small number of travel companies that are responsible for the sale of a substantial number of flights, setting out this position.

“The ATT trustees have asked the CAA to ensure recipients of the letter have an early opportunity to discuss these matters.”

She pointed out that valid claims by Goldtrail customers are already being paid by the fund.

Goldtrail collapsed on July 16 with 16,000 customers overseas and up to 150,000 forward bookings.


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