Travelzoo UK reaches two million milestone

Nasdaq-listed media business Travelzoo has announced that it now has more than 2 million unduplicated subscribers in the UK.

In the past year it has added more than half a million subscribers, equivalent to a year-on-year growth of 36%.

Other statistics revealed today relate to the activity of the subscribers. In the first six months of 2010, average weekly clicks to the UK edition of the Travelzoo Top 20 grew 50% over the prior year period, well ahead of the rate of new subscribers.

Average clicks per week were 678,318, up from an average of 451,957 clicks per week in 2009.

The single biggest week so far this year, in terms of click volume, was 4 August, when Travelzoo subscribers clicked a record 866,634 times on deals recommended in the Travelzoo Top 20.

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