to be revamped

Comparison site has seen a number of key metrics drop by more than 20% in the six months to end-June.

The figures were revealed in parent company Group’s interim results released this week.

However, group chief executive Peter Plumb said: “We are developing an investment plan designed to deliver a stronger offer on, which has weathered a tough time in an extremely challenging environment.”

The “tough time” is quantified as follows. In the six months to end June 2010, revenues from travel came in at £7.5m (H1 09: £9.5m) and accounted for 10% (H1 09: 14%) of total group revenues.

Other KPIs were also down. Visitors numbers dropped to 17% to 19.9m while transactions dropped 26% to  12.5m.

The group said that was being managed for margin, and that the visitor numbers were down as a direct result of a reduction in marketing costs. Revenue per visitor was down in the half while revenue per transaction was up.

The plan to revamp the product proposition within travel is being worked on so that “it is well-placed to compete when the travel markets in which it operates return to more normal levels of activity.”

Travel is one of four verticals within the group, with money, insurance and home services.

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