Dolphin Dynamics develops preferred supplier tool

Technology company Dolphin Dynamics has developed a tool for its widely used FlightScanner system to enable agencies to manipulate search results based on preferred supplier status.

The product has been created in order to allow travel companies to book with suppliers with which they have a special commercial relationship.

It will be available across GDS or web-based platforms.

Administrators will be able to rank suppliers based and control the ordering of options available to consumers or agents.

It is thought the tool will make it easier volume commitments to be completed and commercial targets met with a specific product supplier.

Dolphin Dynamics president Roberto Da Re, said, “Many travel companies are now increasingly focusing on nurturing specific commercial relationships and are implementing directional selling to support their preferred supplier relationships.

“As part of our continuous commitment towards transforming FlightScanner into a sophisticated point of sale system, FlightScanner can assist this process by providing the technology that allows our customers to have a stricter control over their point of sale activity.”

Dolphin is expected to introduce the tool across its other products, including TravelScanner, which handles products away from airfares.

Research carried out recently with Triton-aligned agencies revealed profitability of companies would increase by 50% if members had opted for the results of their preferred suppliers.

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